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Our Companies

We are proud to list the following insurance companies among those that we represent:

-  MAPFRE Commerce Insurance Company

-  Hanover Insurance Company

-  Safety Insurance Company

-  The Andover Insurance Companies

-  The Concord Group

-  Main Street America Group, NGM

-  Liberty Mutual

-  Quincy Mutual

-  Hagerty Insurance

-  Philadelphia Insurance Company

-  Foremost Insurance


-  ...and many more

In addition to the companies that we represent directly, we are also a member of ISNE; Insurance Services of New England, LLC is a brokerage agency formed in 1998 to better meet the unique needs of business insurance customers, and to keep pace with the ever changing marketplace. Today, ISNE includes a network of over fifty agents. Each has met a rigorous standard of professional excellence and customer satisfaction over the many years.


As an independent agent, each represents a distinctive core of insurance companies. Having access to multiple carriers also gives us the ability to tailor insurance solutions to match each client’s specific needs, providing truly personalized protection. Moreover, being independent allows us to effectively address cost concerns: we can search multiple providers to find quality, affordable insurance, giving you the best balance between coverage and cost.


Membership in ISNE allows Bell & Hudson direct access to 40 of the nation's best insurance companies, with the backing of over $500 million in business.



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