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Report A Claim

When one of our customers experiences a loss, the “intangible” policy suddenly becomes tangible. We understand the need for sensitive treatment and fast action. Fair and prompt payment of a loss settlement is our immediate goal.


We are working with our companies to develop claim reporting alternatives for our customers. Many of our customers still want to report their claims to us during regular business hours. But a growing number seek to have extended and weekend hours. Several of the companies we represent now have the availability of 24 hour – 7 day claim reporting directly to the insurance company! This new option streamlines the process and gets the claim settlement wheels in motion immediately.


Beth Gouin is our claims representative, and she handles all the claims that are reported to Bell and Hudson. 95% of clients responding to our claim surveys indicate levels of good, very good, or excellent claim service overall, and 98% note levels of good, very good or excellent service level with the Bell & Hudson staff.

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