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Vacant Property Insurance

We offer insurance protection for vacant properties! 

Vacant homes can attract the attention of thieves, vandals, and partying teenagers. An empty house is more prone to fire or vandalism!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your homeowner insurance company will cover the damage. The insurance company can and will challenge a claim on a vacant home.


Coverage Highlights


  • 3, 6, and 12 month policy terms available

  • Basic and Comprehensive* coverage available

  • Replacement Cost* and Actual Cash Value loss

  • settlement options

  • Vandalism and Theft* coverage available




Are homes under renovation eligible? 


Are there any special requirements?

Yes.  The heat must be maintained to 55 degrees or the house must be winterized.  The home must be free of debris.


Does there need to be a plan to sell, renovate, or lease the property?

Generally, vacant home policies are considered temporary policies and the insurance companies like to know that there is a plan for the property and it is not just sitting there empty.  If the home is not being worked on or is not listed for sale, the policy is typically more expensive.





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Bell & Hudson Insurance Agency

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